About Us

We define social contribution as the first priority for a company to exist.

We believe the key is “people”, that every employee is responsible for his or her own work and responds sincerely to the needs of our clients, which in turn can contribute to the improvement of society.

From the idea that the growth of “people” is the source of social contribution even if computer technology has made remarkable progress and everything can be realized online, each employee are expected to improve thier skills such as technical and communication ability to refine and contribute to society by providing optimal solutions to our clients.

Mission & Vision

With the power of technology to improve existing financial services to realize a world where everyone can use FinTech safely and conveniently.

FinTech combines IT technology that evolves at a tremendous speed  and finance that everyone in the world is in contact with every day.

We would like to innovate in the financial industry with the power of IT and develop the world into something rich and convenient.Utilizing the experience gained so far and cutting-edge information and technology such as blockchain, we are contributing to the business of our customers and the growth of our employees.

With the corporate policy of contributing to society through IT technology, each and every employee are supposed to maintain a high level of awareness and aspirations to achieve this, and will continue to be a company needed by society.

1. Challenge

Being passionate and will never forget the spirit of taking on new challenges.

2. Teamwork

We are friends who treat each other in good faith, help each other, and respect each other, regardless of positions.

3. Trust

As a financial institution, we will never forget the awareness that we are taking care of our customers’ important property.

4. Responsibility

We have awareness of being a individual responsible work responsibly to solve problems without leaving it to others.

5. Imagination

To come up with original ideas based on information gathering / analysis and flexible ideas.


To make the most of our time by improving the quality and speed of hypothesis, execution, and verification.

7. Quality

To actively invest in the pursuit of technology and quality assurance to build the safest and most robust system of all.

What We Do

We provide services centered on areas with the keywords of IT and finance. In addition to our abundant experience in these areas, we are constantly incorporating cutting-edge information and technology to contribute to our clients’ businesses.

Our staff take in better ones as soon as possible and support the growth of our clients.

We treat our empoylees as the important wealth.

Since IT technology is advancing at a tremendous rate every day, Global Best always tr to catch up with the latest technology and can meet the business needs of our clients.

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