Global Best is engaged in system development business and call center agency business mainly in the financial industry.

We propose appropriate solutions from our abundant experience in industries that require specialized knowledge.

System development Specialized in Finance

For financial services, especially FX and CFD related service development, we provide services from new launch to system maintenance.

MetaTrader 4 is a trading platform developed by MetaQutes, with various financial products such as FX and CFD.

At Global Best, we take care of everything from license acquisition to infrastructure construction and operation and maintenance.

We will develop an automatic trading program called Expert Advisor that runs on MT4 from zero base according to the customer’s logic. Even if the customer does not have specialized knowledge, our professional staff will carefully listen to your request and help you from the definition of logic to the completion.

Our business map has been also expanding into the area of ​​exchange systems such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and systems with blockchain.

Call Center Agency Business for the Financial Industry

In the financial industry, where specialized knowledge is required, securing human resources for call centers, which is the first point of contact with customers, is always an important task. At Global Best, our experienced staff flexibly responds to the needs of our clients.

We will act on behalf of the KYC business, which is a heavy burden for clients. Our staff, who are familiar with financial laws and regulations, not only comply, but also flexibly respond to each client’s own standards.

The call center is a sensitive department that is directly linked to the client’s business evaluation. Our dedicated staff will respond promptly to inquiries from customers such as online chat and email. One of the features of our agency service is that we communicate closely with our clients and smoothly feed back their opinions.

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